Design Goals

Preliminary Design

Planning & Building

  • Know your abilities

  • Have an Idea of what you want

  • Have a set cost and stay within your budget

  • Changes will only add cost.

  • Our consultation is to get you on a path to achieve your dream.

  • Moving forward and achieving a goal

  • Confirming the design and nuances of your home

  • Layouts / Placement and Elevations

  • Agreeing to proceed with an approved set of designs

  • Setting a financial agreement to advance to the next stage

  • Contracts


  • A typical set of engineered drawings for a house will include: Roof framing, Ceiling joist framing, Floor joist framing, Wall bracing and General notes and details

  • There are several benefits to having residential framing plans engineered. Some of these benefits include:

  • Load path analysis to ensure roof loads are properly and efficiently transferred down to the foundation

  • Value engineering - beams with significant spans are designed for bending capacity and their deflections are checked using engineering analysis, and are not simply taken from a table based on historical precedence performance while minimizing costs

  • Fewer delays obtaining permits and during construction

  • Peace of mind knowing the structure complies with code and sound engineering principles.

  • Planning and building development department is responsible for administering and enforcing local and state regulation applicable to construction on private property within the city. Included in this responsibility is the review of construction plans, issuance of permits and field inspections of various projects from foundation through final completion of building.

  • Submittals of plans which will consist of

    • Site Plans

    • Elevations

    • Frame, Walls, Joist, Roof

    • Foundation

    • Electrical

    • Mechanical

    • Details



Lic  781723 B