Guest Units

The first step is to determined if a Back Yard unit can be built on your lot. CDL will prepare a preliminary feasibility study for your specific lot and city requirements. There is no charge or commitment for this service simply click on schedule estimate and make an appointment. Once it is determined that you may proceed, we will help you choose a plan to suit your individual needs. CDL will then provide your with  a cost analysis for your new Guest Unit. 

Adding a secondary unit to your property is one of the best strategies for increasing living space and property value.

A secondary unit is a self-contained dwelling on the same lot as your existing residential building.  Secondary units require no additional land. Utilizing your existing infrastructure with minimal upgrades. (e.g., water, sewer, utilities, landscaping) which are in place. 

Preliminary Feasibility

Building permits

2016 Secondary Dwellings Regulations Update Santa Clara County

Allowing detached secondary dwellings in rural zones on lots 1 – 2.5 acres, where currently only attached secondary dwellings are allowed;

  • Increasing the maximum allowable floor area of dwellings in rural zones from 640 to 800 s.f., for lots 1- 2.5 acres;

  • Projects Eligible for Over-the-Counter Plan Check

  • Residential: Single Dwellings (Only conventional, light frame, wood construction per 2010 CRC.); Any ONE of the following types of projects:

  • Single-story addition less than 500 square feet

  • Single-story deck, patio cover, patio enclosure, trellis (greater than 50% open), less than 500 square feet

  • Detached accessory structures: garages, carport, storage buildings, barns, stable, greenhouse (1 story and less than 500 square feet)


Lic  781723 B